28 October 2009

a pool and so much more...

There's no need to write much as the pictures really do speak for themselves. Enough to say that we went this morning for a taster and felt we'd gone on a 2 hour Spa holiday. The service was superb and we got an awful lot of extra attention from staff that were ever so eager to ensure everything was 'just so' (more to do with my beautiful friend than anything else, I'm sure, but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt). You may think the photos are amazing but they don't come anywhere close to the real thing. Sheer bliss. The Locarno Lido's (very) long-awaited grand opening took place on 24th October 2009 and now there really is no looking back - this is the future and we shall enjoy it as much as we possibly can! Click here for further information and more pictures!
We even tested the waterslides...! Not just thrilling but also fun and full of funky flashing lights and music!

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