25 August 2010

athletix city 2010

Time again for all you athletes and parkour-fans out there to head sharpish down to Locarno's Piazza Grande. If you were there last year no doubt you'll be back but for all you newcomers, be sure to participate in this year's edition of Athletix-City! As last year, killer events and cool prizes promise a fantastic action-packed day. Barefoot running on the cobbles, flying over obstacles and hurdles - you know, the usual stuff... We're counting down the days and are really looking forward to seeing you there!

02 August 2010

tempted again

We just spent another memorable evening (it's becoming a bit of a habit...) at Ristorante Tentazioni in Cavigliano. If you haven't been already, do go during your stay here in Ticino. Matthias is a fantastically passionate chef and incredibly welcoming and friendly. His team of staff are equally professional. I have to mention the very special risotto that was prepared for us, as a one off, made with 'ciccit' (a typically local delicacy - sausage made with goat meat) - by far the best risotto we had ever tasted. Desserts were of course sublime, thanks to Elvira, Matthias' wife and confisier.
Below is just one of the many culinary (and visual) delights that appeared before us.