02 February 2010


You may have gathered, but then maybe not unless you actually live here..., that the Carnevale season is among us and that no weekend or weekday is complete without the dutiful and rather insane pre-Lent tradition of dressing up (adults, not just kids), eating risotto like there's no tomorrow and I suppose drinking wine must also be part of it. Well if this IS your cup of tea then swing on by and take a seat on the many wooden benches and tables and start celebrating to your hearts content. Here's a list of where to go.
For the first time ever, we have agreed to take part in the infamous Stranociada in Locarno on 12th January... there will be over a dozen of us dressed up as Sherlock Holmes, Pirates, Gangsters, Cows, Kings and Queens and goodness knows what else. What a spectacle. I still can't believe we agreed to go along and will let you know how it all went. I guess we'll see you there...
Not to be forgotten is the hugely popular Bellinzona Rabadan. The Carnival season wouldn't be complete without it.