13 May 2010

meteo and food

Everyone knows the weather here in Ticino has been disgusting for the past 2 weeks. Unheard of in Ticino. Especially for the month of May. But people, it's snapping out of it now. Brighter days are coming and from Saturday 15th steady improvements await us. Tomorrow we are dining at the newly refurbished, newly re-opened Ristorante Alla Cantina in lovely Tegna (at the foot of the Centovalli). The chef there, a certain Trevor Appignani, is rather good. I return tomorrow or latest on the weekend with a review of our meal. No pictures as yet but if you fancy popping by, click here. For bookings call 091 780 7557.
We also went there for the reopening Aperitivo a couple of weeks ago, there's a wonderful courtyard dining area, with arches, columns and a great sense of tranquillity. 

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  1. Just back from dinner and we recommend the "Lasagnette allo stracotto di manzo e lenticchie" and also the "Carpaccio di vitello con fonduta di parmigiano e animelle fritte" and of course the fantastic "Tortino al cioccolato su crema al mascarpone e frutto della passione"... Little bro doing what he does best!!